Rum River Veterinary Clinic


Comprehensive & Compassionate Veterinary Surgery for Anoka MN Pets

The Veterinarians at Rum River Veterinary Clinic are trained to perform a number of surgical procedures.  To ensure the safety of the pets we care for all of our surgery patients receive:

  • Before the anesthesia, a thorough physical examination was performed
  • A secure, in-dwelling intravenous catheter
  • Laboratory pre-anesthetic testing to identify any potential complications
  • Fluid therapy during anesthesia
  • Constant monitoring throughout the entire anesthetic process with high-tech equipment by the veterinarian and a certified veterinary technician
  • Post-operative monitoring

Our surgical team regularly performs a wide variety of soft tissue and elective surgeries, including spay, neuter, mass removal, and other procedures. We also have access to board-certified specialists and surgeons, who perform surgeries or diagnostic procedures at our clinic on a routine basis. They specialize in orthopedic procedures such as fractures and anterior cruciate ligament repairs, as well as many others. Learn more about City of Lakes Veterinary Surgery and Direct Veterinary Surgery by visiting the websites.

We recommend most pets be sterilized with surgical spay (ovariohysterectomy) or neuter (castration).  Recent research has made the timing of this procedure more controversial.  There may be some benefits to waiting until 9 – 12 months of age but there are also some disadvantages.  

Benefits of sterilizing early:

  • Rapid recovery from surgery.
  • Prevention of hormone-induced cancers and diseases (prostate disease, mammary tumors, pyometra)
  • No heat cycles, false pregnancies, or need to sequester from other dogs to prevent unwanted breeding.
  • Reduces the desire to roam.
  • Reduces the risk of urine marking in homes
  • Reduces the risk of aggression, especially with other dogs.
  • Eliminates unwanted litters

Benefits of sterilizing after fully grown (9 – 18 months depending on the breed)

  • May reduce the risk of certain types of cancers in certain breeds.
  • Reduces the risk of obesity. 
  • Reduces the risk of some orthopedic injuries in some breeds.  
  • Eliminates testicular cancer

The right time for a spay or neuter will be discussed with you during your visit depending on your dog’s breed, lifestyle, and your comfort with the various risks above.

Most clients are surprised at how active their pets are after surgery. Our balanced approach to anesthesia allows for a smooth and quick recovery—pets go home the same day of the surgery. We will discuss all of your post-surgical concerns at the time of surgical discharge. This includes written discharge instructions detailing the following:

  • An explanation of the restricted activity
  • Instructions on home care and monitoring of surgical incisions
  • A description of all post-surgical medications

Post-surgical pain management is an essential and important part of our surgical service. No pet is ever expected to suffer, and our goal is to minimize or eliminate pain for every procedure. Every pet is sent home with post-surgical pain medication, as well as antibiotics to aid in the healing process. Should your pet appear to be suffering in spite of these measures, call us at once to discuss an alternate approach.

Your pet deserves the safest and most compassionate surgical services available!