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Kitten Care 101


Kitten Care 101


Caring for Your New Kitten

Congratulations on your new kitty! Having a kitten to care for can be both a challenging and rewarding experience. From litter box training, to parasite prevention, to socialization, there is a lot to know about giving your kitten the best possible start. At Rum River Veterinary Clinic we are here to support you the whole way. That is why in addition to comprehensive kitten exams, we have also compiled these resources on a variety of topics we feel are most helpful to new kitten owners.

In a world where unlimited pet advice is available at our fingertips, it’s important to have information from a trusted source. Each article in this list has been reviewed by our veterinarians and technicians to ensure that we are providing the best and most accurate information to our clients.

So go ahead and enjoy these precious days of kittenhood, knowing that Rum River Veterinary Clinic is here to help!

Kitten Care 101

Understanding Your Kitten’s Behavior and Development

Managing Problem Behaviors in Kittens

Managing Kitten Rough Play

Training Your Kitten to use the Litterbox

Introducing Your New Kitten to Other Household Pets

Socializing Your Kitten

Training Using Positive Reinforcement

Training Your Kitten to Use the Scratching Post

Training Your Kitten Not to Scratch Furniture

Cat Toys and How to Use Them

How to Kitten-Proof Your House

How to Brush Your Kitten’s Teeth

Spay/Neuter Your Pet

Fleas, Ticks & Your Pet

Pets, Parasites & People